Live Creatures


When will my live creatures arrive? 
Please see our Weather Delay Map to get a better idea of shipping arrival.
How soon do my live creatures need to be placed in their habitats?
Have your Ant Farm habitat ready for the ants, and place them inside as soon as possible.
       Can I use my own ants?
Yes. If you use your own ants, just be sure they all come from the same place. Ants need to be at least 1/4 inch in size or they could escape from the habitat.
Do you send queen ants?
Federal agricultural regulations prohibit us from selling or shipping the queen ant. Since only the queen reproduces, the regional ecological balance is cited as the main concern. The ant farms were also not designed to house the large queen and the thousands of offspring she produces. The ants will work without the queen.
Will my ants reproduce in my habitat?
No, your ants will not reproduce inside your Ant Farm.
How long will my ants live in the habitat?
With proper care they should live one to three months.
What do I feed my ants and how often? 
Know that if you have a Gel Colony, you will not have to feed or water your ants. The Gel provides the ants all the sustenance they need to survive. However, if you have a Sand farm, give your ants two to three water droplets of bottled spring water every other day. Once a week, drop in just one tiny crumb of bread or piece of fruit.
Can I reuse the sand in my Ant Farm habitat?
Yes, you can use the sand twice before you need to replace it. Pour it out and sift it clean of dead ants and food particles.
Can I move my Ant Farm habitat?
Once your Ant Farm habitat is set up it should be moved as little as possible. Remember, ants don't like earthquakes!
Ouch! I've been bitten by an ant! What should I do?
Don't panic! Western Harvester ants are not poisonous. Though a bit or a sting can hurt, there should be few lingering effects. There will be some swelling around the area, but this should dissipate within a few hours. If the swelling does not show signs of abating, contact your doctor.


Gel Ant Colony


My ants aren't tunneling! What do I do? 
First, understand that the gel is a specialized food source for the ants as well as the intended substrate through which they will eventually being tunneling. It is likely very different from the substrate the ants are used to, so they will need some time to acclimate to their new environment. After a week, or maybe a little longer, the ants will be driven by necessity to begin feeding on the gel, at which point they will also begin tunneling as the two acts go hand in hand.
After this allotted time, if the ants are still hesitant with the gel, try widening the starter tunnels you made. Be sure and do this carefully as the ants will likely see a descending hand and tunnel starting tool as an invader. 




Planet Frog was discontinued in February of 2013, however a few remaining retailers may still carry this product. While Uncle Milton may be out of the tadpole business, we can refer you to a few good companies for your tadpole supplies.
Additionally, your local fish and reptile stores may also serve as a tadpole resource.


Scare Factor


My Scare Factor toy has stopped moving. What do I do?
Install new batteries in both the remote and the toy. Make sure the On/Off switch is in the “On” position on both the remote and the spider. If at this point the toy remains unresponsive, return the product to the point of purchase for an exchange or refund.

Star Theater Pro®


How far from the ceiling or wall should I place my Star Theater Pro for the best image quality?
Place the projector between six and a half and seven and a half feet from the surface you wish to project on. For the best possible resolution, make sure the surface of your ceiling or wall is smooth.
My image isn’t clear. What can I do?
Adjust the focus of your image by rotating the focus wheel that surrounds the lens of your Stat Theater Pro. You may have to turn the focus wheel a few times before a clear difference can be seen. You may also clean the lens with very soft tissue paper or lens cloth.
I’ve lost the AC adapter that came with my Star Theater Pro! What specs do I need to follow when purchasing a new one?
100 to 240 Volts AC, 50/60 Hz, Output 5V DC 1.2A


Rainbow In My Room™


If I wish to purchase an AC adapter for my Rainbow in My Room, what specs will I need to follow?
For US and Canada use: 
100 to 220 Volts AC, 60 Hz. Output 6 Volts DC, 450 mA
The Outer Diameter should be 3.5mm and the Inner Diameter at 1.35mm. 
For Europe and Australia use: 
220 to 240 Volts AC, 50 Hz. Output 6 Volts DC, 450 mA
What is the difference between the two modes on the Rainbow?
The Rainbow in My Room contains two settings that change the way the rainbow appears on your wall. In Mode 1 the rainbow will appear suddenly and quickly. In Mode 2 the rainbow will gradually reach full luminosity after a few seconds.


Product Manuals


I’ve lost my manual or are in need. What can I do?
Visit our Product Manuals page to download manuals for our products.




Please visit out Shipping & Returns page. 




Please visit out Shipping & Returns page.


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