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Roman Candle Fireball Blaster


Shoot beams of colored light into the night sky with the Roman Candle Fireball Blaster! Load the lighted balls into the blaster, pump and shoot them up to 25 ft. in the air. With real fireworks sound effects! Features: Air powered action! Fly up to 25 feet! Includes: 1 -...

Grand Finale! Light Show


Create a Grand Finale Light Show in your room! Launch awesome lights and sounds from colorful Firework cones at the push of a button. Launch each cone individually or all at the same time. Program a whole show with up to 150 launch combinations. Includes: 5 Fireworks cones Master Controller...

Fireworks Light Show™ Launcher


Create an incredible fireworks light and sound show in your room! Pump the launcher, choose your firework, aim and pull the trigger! Watch as amazing fireworks light effects burst and expand on your walls!  Features: Fireworks burst and expand BOOMING fireworks sound effects Built-in images Easy to launch fireworks with cool...

Roman Candle Fireball Blaster Balls


Replacement Balls for Roman Candle Fireball Blaster

Streaking Light Flyer™


Launch a soaring bright streak of light high into the night sky, then watch as it helicopters back to earth! Fly it over and over again for Fireworks light show fun! Features: High-flying sky flare! Soars up to 50 feet! Red LED light Easy-to-use launcher Includes: 1 - Light Flyer...

Shoe Fireworks 2 Pack (2 Pairs)


Create a fireworks light show on your shoes! Easily clip them onto your shoes and watch firework lights flash with every step. Features: Watch firework lights flash with every step! Attaches easily to most shoes Includes: 2 Shoe Fireworks Does not include shoes Additional Information: Requires 6 button cell batteries...

Night Phantom Sky Rocket


Look out for the Night Phantom! Pull back and launch it into the night sky up to 100 feet high! Then, see 6 glowing phantom wings pop-off and spiral to the ground, just like real fireworks. Includes built-in glow charger. Features:  High flying, glowing skyrocket! Launches up to 100 feet...

Dragonfire Night Rocket


Light up the sky with the Dragonfire Night Rocket! Jump on the launch pad and watch the rocket soar up to 50 ft. into the sky. Features a beaming, bright red light. Includes: 1 - Rocket 1 - Launch Pad 1 - Connecting Tube 1 - Instruction


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