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Guardians of the Galaxy Grow and Glow Groot™


Create your own glowing Groot plant! Use the real sprout and vine seeds inside to grow two different plants that surround the potted Groot character. Display it on your desk or table. Then, turn out the lights and watch as little Groot glows in the darks!  Includes: Real sprout and...

Moon In My Room®


Authentically detailed, Moon in My Room hangs on your wall and shines moonlight just like the real moon.  Listen to the audio tour to learn exciting facts about the moon and its unique relationship with planet Earth. Features: Authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape. Automatic or manual function shows 12 main...

Giant Ant Farm®


Experience the fascinating timeless classic for the first time or all over again and get a peek into the amazing underground world of the ant. Perfect for classrooms!  Don't forget to add your ants at checkout! Features:   Tip-proof stand Clean tunneling sand Additional Information: Ants not included Ages 6+ Adult...

Sith Holocron™ 20Q Game


This is no Jedi Mind Trick! Test your Star Wars knowledge against the Sith Holocron, keeper of all Jedi knowledge. Think of any Star Wars being, location, or technology. Answer its questions and be amazed as a real algorithm with artificial intelligence guesses what you’re thinking in 20 questions. Or,...

Color Changing Lightsaber™ Room Light


The final challenge in becoming a Jedi is to build your own Lightsaber. Construct and display your own Lightsaber and learn how electronics make a Lightsaber work. Then, activate it with the remote control.  Discover the Science of Star Wars™ at Features 8 different blade colors and color changing mode...

Rainbow In My Room™


See the amazing rainbow light projector create a brilliant, multi-colored rainbow across your walls. Place on your nightstand or dresser and watch the rainbow magic come to life!  Features: Turns on with the push of a button Uses Multi-colored LEDs Jack for optional AC adapter Additional Information: Ages 5+ Requires...

Star Planetarium®


Watch as hundreds of stars and constellations are projects on your walls. Set the constellation view to any month or season of the year.  Listen as you are taken on an exciting audio tour of the night sky. Discover the universe as you navigate through a 3-D virtual tour with...

Jedi™ Force Levitator


Use real electrical charges to magically suspend and move objects in mid-air using an invisible, electronic force! Force push with the Jedi Training Rod. Force pull using just your hands! Discover the Science of Star Wars™ at Features: Jedi Training Rod with real static electricity generator Force Push and...

Solar System In My Room™


Explore the wonders of the solar system right in your room as the highly detailed planets orbit around the light-up sun!  Listen to the audio tour to learn more about the solar system.  Features: Auto shut off after 20 minutes of operation Web code to download an exclusive audio tour of...

Vintage Ant Farm®


The classic Ant Farm in the original 1950s packaging look!  Don't forget to add your ants at checkout! Features: Four Antports™ for connecting to other Ant Farm brand ant habitats Antway™ Connector Tubing Tip-proof stand Clean tunneling sand Ant Watcher's Manual Additional Information: Ants not included Ages 6+ Adult assistance...

60th Ant-iversary Ant Farm® - Antopia Rainforest


See the amazing behavior of live ants in a whole new way with the 60th Ant-iversary edition of the classic Ant Farm® toy - Featuring a sleek new design and a 3D lenticular scene with an ant world of the future! Watch ants dig tunnels and move mountains in the unique, escape...

Ant Farm® Light-Up Gel Colony


Watch ants dig 3-D tunnels in illuminated nutrient-rich gel. No feeding or watering needed! Don't forget to add your ants at checkout! Features: Ant habitat pre-filled with tunneling gel LED light module Includes: Ant Farm Gel Colony LED light module Tunnel starter tool Additional Information: Ants not included Ages 6+...

Star Theater® Pro


Enjoy an amazing starry night as a crystal clear rotating field of 10,000 stars is projects on your ceiling or wall with incredible precision and clarity.  Features: Optical-quality lens system 2 Image discs - Earth/Moon/Sun and Stars Adjustable focus Ultra bright white LED source Motorized image rotation 30 min /...

Mars In My Room™


Watch the mysterious red planet light up and come to life on your wall! See pinpoints of light that show where Mars Rovers have landed. Then, place different Lander/Rover stickers to mark their landing locations. Authentic Mars detail and textured surface! Features: Mars Rover/Lander Mission cards Auto shut-off Easily hangs...

Super Moon In My Room®


A Supermoon is coming to your room! Watch it automatically match the real moon outside each night using the built-in electronic lunar clock. It's soft moonlight, solar eclipse light mode, and different sounds effects make an inspiring centerpiece for any room.  Features: 12 lunar light-up phases Solar eclipse light mode Built-in lunar...

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