Tarantula Planet™ Creepy Scare Tips

Dare to scare!

Tip 1

Put your pet tarantula under the kitchen table during dinner. When your family sits down to eat, make a really loud noise so your tarantula starts crawling under their feet. Someone will definitely jump!

Tip 2

Put your pet tarantula in the Creepy Crate and hide. When mom comes around push the release button on the crate and scare her!

Tip 3

Bring your friends into your room. Tell them you want to show them your new pet. You can say, "He's a little shy, but let me see if I can get him to come out of his crate." Push the crate button and let him go. You'll be sure to scare them!

Tip 4

Show your friends the Creepy Crate. Then say, "Do you know whose wooden box this is? It says something here on top, but I can't read it." Push the crate button and let your tarantula go. You'll be sure to surprise your friends.

Tip 5

Introduce your friends to your new pet tarantula. Tell them, "Shhh, my pet is sleeping. Be really quiet." When they are relaxed, make a loud noise and start your tarantula. We're sure you'll scare someone!